ROSS conf

ROSS conf was brilliant. 28 PRs from 9 different people, several bug fixes, lots of great improvements to documentation, refactoring, fixes to configuration and the setup process and a commit that made the Travis build MUCH faster.
- Katrina Owen
ROSS conf was amazing, an exceptional arrangement of people interested in open source. Most of code got rewritten from Haml to Markdown. A rewrite that made accessible. An implementation of dynamic options for Thor for RVM2 as well as an actually prototype for RVM2 was created, ARM / Raspberry PI fixes for RVM1 were implemented and a long standing issue with automatically enabling login shell in the gnome terminal got fixed.
- Michal Papis
Eleven PRs and eight issues. Mind. Blown. A refactoring that let us remove the last ABC complexity offence in RuboCop, turning the Attribute smell much more useful for real-world scenarios, a lot of quality clean-up and debugging, making Reek a better command-line citizen, documentation examples and an Ataru integration, a nicer output nicer and a less... smelly codebase and faster Travis notifications. I can’t overstate how wonderful ROSS conf was - putting this together in such a refreshing format was an awesome idea and the lightweight, all-needs-catered-to execution was super nice.
- Piotr Szotkowski
Since installing is the first step/ hurdle for diaspora*, that was also where most work got done. We published an updated wiki entry for setting up a dev environment on OSX Yosemite. Two people hacked on a Docker container and a Vagrant box for easier setup. Final count: 3 pull requests, two new non-trivial issues were opened and a lot of people created accounts. The whole weekend was a blast and the people and the conference were just amazing!
- Lisa Passing
Two people worked on a yaks-rails integration gem, one on continued testing and fixing the README with ataru, and the fourth implemented the shorthand attribute syntax. The Rails integration is working in a rough first version, the other tasks were completed and merged the day itself. I really like how ROSS conf provides an easy entry point for people to get involved in a project. Really looking forward to seeing more ROSS confs in the future!
- Arne Brasseur
We had a strong team with contributors from a variety of backgrounds all working on something. We received 3 patches in total, 1 bug fix, 1 doc patch, and 1 feature. With one more doc patch coming soon. I couldn't be happier!
- Zachary Scott
ROSS conf exceeded my expectations. Maintainers and attendees alike got an in-depth look at very useful projects in the Ruby community, as well as an inside look into Ruby itself -- not just in terms of code, but how also Open Source projects are managed. The projects I maintain received a half-dozen PRs, as well as very important planning and design time with other like-minded engineers.
- Laura Frank
2 issues added, 3 merged pull request and one pending - one of them converting all cucumber tests in rspec tests, which saves us a load of work. I left with a lot of energy and renewed motivation.
- Speakerinnen